Essential Oils

How to choose SAFE and EFFECTIVE essential oils?

I did my research,

Then I found doTERRA!

I wanted to be sure that my bottles of oils were going to be the best available.  I contacted head offices via phone, or email.  I asked ….. Can I use them internally? And can I use them on my kids?  The response was overwhelming!  The response was NO!  And I understand that there are rules and regulations… but I wanted to be sure that I could use them in these ways.  So many people I knew used them this way, but was it safe.  I needed a concrete YES!

doTERRA essential oils are unlike any oil I had ever smelled or experienced.

When I was on my quest to figure out which essential oils to use, I was overwhelmed, mis-informed, and lost.  I knew that I wanted to be sure that whatever oils I was using, that they would be safe and effective.  I knew I wanted them to actually work and smell good.  I didn’t want fillers, and fragrances, or any bad ingredients that would end up hurting us not helping.

3 Reasons I use doTERRA Essential Oils

Need help to figure out what oils work for you?

Let’s review and reduce toxic load on your family together. One of my favorite things to do is to connect on a one on one level.