My Top 5 Tips for Breast Health Support

We are a few days into October. October is known as BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.


This subject is actually quite personal to me.


If you didn’t know, this particular body part, the breast, is the basis of my professional career. I am a proud Breast Imaging Technologist.  Meaning, that I have dedicated the most recent part of my career, to Mammography and Breast Ultrasound.  A role in detecting pathology in breast tissue.


What does this mean? Mammograms are the gold standard for breast imaging.  They look at the breast as a whole and they give a big picture.


Breast Ultrasound is a supplementary imaging tool, used to give additional information when it’s needed.

Ultrasound on its own is generally not the best tool to look at breast tissue.

I see a lot in a day. I see normal exams.  I see not normal exams.  I see mom’s, grandmothers, wives, and daughters.  I see people whose lives are about to be changed before they even know it.  I see women who live the most natural and holistic lifestyle possible, get the most unexpected news.  I see women who don’t have a family history of anything bad, and end up with a shock of a lifetime.  I see women of all sizes, shapes, ages, and backgrounds.  I even see some men develop something that was NEVER on their radar.


Breast diseases hold no discrimination. Breast diseases can and do happen to anybody.


Most of us have an experience with a breast issue. Either directly to us, or to someone we love, or to someone we know.  When it hits us in this way, it all becomes very real.


So to say this subject is near to me is an understatement. It’s difficult to even describe my passion for this subject.


I will share with you some tips on breast health, breast integrity, and my own personal routines to keeping them strong and healthy.


DISCLAIMER – I am not a physician and the words in this blog are strictly my opinion, and my personal experience. When I talk essential oils, I am talking about 100% Certified Pure Theraputic Grade.


TIP #1 : Nutrition

a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is very beneficial to our health.  Oftentimes however, our food isn’t quite as nutrient dense as it used to be.  Supplementation is one of my personal go to’s.  I can’t believe the difference in my immune system, focus and concentration, emotional well-being and general feelings of awesomeness.  I am in love with doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality because of all of its features.  It’s not easy to find a supplement that the body can actually absorb because it is recognized as food.  The cellular vitality complex included in this trio, is amazing for helping the body deal with free radicals – which are something that we want to deal with ASAP.


TIP #2 Exercise

this one has been tricky for me to fit into my day-to-day to be honest.  I actually really don’t like to admit it.  There are some small changes that I have changed throughout my day though that I feel like have made a difference.  I stand as much as I can.  I even requested a standing desk at work, as well as when I am working with patients, I prefer to stand, I bring the stretcher/bed up to my standing level.  Taking the stairs more often, and instead of sitting on the bleachers for the whole 75min of soccer practice, I walk laps.  I know I can do more, but baby steps.  Better over Nothing is a good motto for me.


TIP #3 BSE (Breast Self Examinations)

this is another one that to be honest I’m not good at remembering.  I know, I know practice what I preach.  I do my best, and that’s all I can promise.  Here’s a good resource on Self Checks .  If you feel something and you are unsure, make an appointment with your doctor

** TIP – I can’t tell you how often I hear, “my husband/partner found the area” – it’s true!!



discuss with your doctor about eligibility and age requirements.  Here is the link for the BC Cancer Screening Program eligibility requirements


TIP #4 Habits –

#1 – get that cell phone out of your bra!!!  We want to avoid any extra energy sources like radiation, EMF, WiFi, all of that near our bodies, especially our sensitive tissue areas.  I often will see young women with their cell phones in their bras because well it’s an easy pocket! TAKE IT OUT AND NEVER PUT IT BACK THERE!


#2 – Destress. Whatever that looks like for you.  Yoga, Walking, Reading, Meditating, , Kayaking, Running, Journaling! Find your thing.  You’ve got to get that pent-up energy, the stress balls out.  That energy of STRESS that we hold on to, can manifest into things we don’t in our bodies.  We don’t want those stress hormones constantly activated.  Release!  Take a big breath and do it for you!  Your family will thank you.





this is my purpose right now.  This is my passion.  My goal is to help and empower people to reduce the toxins in their homes.  The cleaning supplies and beauty/hair supplies are filled with awful, horrible chemicals that are doing serious damage. Avoid fragrances, phthalates (found in soft plastics, cleaning supplies, air fresheners, dryer sheets, even beauty products), parabens , talc, and even stain resistant rugs/furniture often carry awful hormone disrupting chemicals.  These are just the beginning.  A big one to consider (for this topic specifically) is your conventional antiperspirants/deodorant.  This gets used right on our beautiful lymph nodes.  In these types of products there is often really scary ingredients that can ultimately get right into the breasts “drainage” system.  We don’t want that system to be clogged, which can prevent the lymphatic system from purging toxins from our body.


I want you to know what you are putting on and in your bodies. Even by breathing these in, we are introducing these into our bodies.  Please be mindful, read labels, ask questions, and when you can, make your own.


**EVEN WHEN YOU ARE BUYING NATURAL OR MAKING YOUR OWN, MAKE SURE THE INGREDIENTS YOU ARE USING ARE PURE, AND REAL, AND THAT YOU ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ADD THINGS AND JUST SLAP A “NATURAL” LABEL ON. There are also no governing body on things like essential oils.  Know what you are using.  A label is just a label, just a word or a slew of fancy words.  You can’t always believe what you read.  READ THE FINE PRINT, and make sure, and ask for PROOF!





DIY : BREAST CELLULAR SUPPORT – can use monthly, weekly, or daily, whatever you choose.  I personally do this daily, and it also acts as my deodorant.



Glass Mason Jar

1 cup Coconut Oil

6 drops each

Frankincense – may help support cellular health and function

Grapefruit – may help support healthy estrogen levels and detoxification due to the high limonene

Pink Pepper – may help support cellular integrity

Cellular Complex Blend – may promote cellular antioxidants, and support a healthy cellular life cycle

Rosemary – may help support hormone balance



If you don’t want to put coconut oil on your skin (clothing stain risk), you could also make this into a spray


100ml Glass or Aluminum Spray

6 drops each of the above

1oz Rose Water or Witch Hazel (both cleansing and supportive to the skin)

Topped with distilled water.

Spray desired amount onto breast and armpit area and gently massage in.








Diluted Essential Oil Roller Bottles


Alternating between



Tea Tree




Reapply throughout the day as needed.


*I will often end up with a rash when I use a natural deodorant with baking soda in it. This does the trick for me.*



Ultimately awareness is your best friend. Being aware of your body, knowing your body, and trusting your instinct.  Make choices that work for you.  Go for your routine check ups with your doctor and go for your routine screenings when you are of age.  You are your best advocate in all aspects.


Put things on and in your body that you are comfortable with and please, please ask questions!! Don’t just take people’s words for it (including mine).  Do your research and make your decisions.




What are you favorite Breast Health tips?



I am here for you always, when you are wanting to reduce your toxic load, and feel good!!

Reach me here for more information or to book some time with me.


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Informative and well put together blog post. Love the easy, straight forward DIY recipes. Thank you!

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Thank you Elise! I’m all about easy recipes!

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Thanks for including me in your blog. I look forward to following you.

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Thanks Michelle. Looking forward to featuring some of your jewellery in an upcoming post. 🙂

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