100ml Carrot Tissue Oil

Sourced from the United Kingdom, this Carrot Tissue Oil is very beneficial to aging skin, as well as soothing to dry and chapped skin. The dark amber/orange color will bring a glow to the skin.  Mixing with another carrier oil, such as sweet almond or apricot may be advised for sensitive skin.

This carrier would be an excellent addition to any DIY sunscreens as there are some photo-protective properties.





Packaged in a glass bottle with dropper.

Carrot Tissue Oil is a mixture of Beta Carotene, and the Carrot roots of Sunflower Oil.

This is an oil that is full of VITAMINS B,C,D, and E.  The Beta Carotene is a huge antioxident and helps remove free radicals.

This oil is incredible for both skin and hair.


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