Healthy Essentials Bundle

This Most Popular Kit contains the top 10 oils in the 15ml size (larger bottles) PLUS a diffuser which you will love!

Lavender – all things calming

Peppermint – energizing and refreshing

Lemon – cleansing and invigorating

On Guard – immune support, and cleaning

Easy Air – respiratory Support

ZenGest – digestive support

Deep Blue – soothing for aches and pains

Copaiba – inflammatory support

Adaptiv – emotional support and calming

Balance – grounding & balancing

Wholesale pricing for a year, with your own shopping account to purchase what you want, when you want.



This Complete Collection contains the top oils in the 15ml size (larger bottles) PLUS a diffuser. This kit is perfect for BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT

The oils include Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, On Guard, Easy Air, ZenGest, Deep Blue, Balance, Copaiba, and Adaptiv

This kit will tick all boxes! Transforming your medicine cabinet with natural solutions, and supporting your emotions and mental health. This collection will provide options for your home, self, children, pets, and all those you love.

This starter kit comes with your wholesale membership, so you can get wholesale pricing, education and oil training, as well as extra specials from DIY – who doesn’t love free stuff!